The article covers the questions connected with formation of the system of continuous education and its gradual implementation through the chain of command subsystems (stages) of pre-school, school, professional and/or scientific education, professional development, and also mutual coordination and continuity between all of its component parts. The aim of the research is to develop methodological approaches and to create the concept of an integrated practice-oriented system of continuous education on the basis of the Botanic garden of the National University for introduction of innovations in the scientific, educational and career-oriented activities of the University. The formation of a new integrated practice-oriented system of continuous education, taking into account the agreed educational and professional standards, is considered. In the long term, on the basis of the SSC "Botanical garden" it is possible to form groups by practice-oriented educational activities in the field of preschool education and training aimed at the formation of children's experience of group interactions, creating favorable conditions for demonstration and development of their individual tendencies, abilities and potential, training of preschoolers for the transition to secondary school. In the future, this program will be transformed, accompanying students in general education, professional and higher education institutions, offering professional development of the individual improvement of the qualification level and the formation of new competencies at each stage. Thus, BELSU provides favorable conditions for the implementation of the strategy of continuing education of specialists in the programs of pre-University, secondary and higher professional education, as well as provides training, retraining and advanced training

DOI: 10.18413/2408-9346-2018-4-1-38-61
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