DOI: 10.18413/2408-9346-2019-5-4-0-4

Communicative competence as a basis for providing a high level of service in the hospitality sector

Hospitality is a kind of activity where the professional communication skills of the staff, their ability to build communication with completely different people in an infinite number of situations are the basis of any hotel for which the quality of service is a priority.  The aim of the paper is to study communicative competence. The results of a sociological survey are presented, indicating that our mentality does not have enough attitude to the client as a guest, partner. The main communicative competencies of the staff that are important in the hospitality industry are determined: the ability to understand the needs of guests, the use of an individual approach, customer orientation, the ability to conduct a dialogue, the skills of presentation of goods and services, initiative, and others.  The authors formulate some speech modules and recommendations for the interaction of hotel staff with guests. It is established that the training of communication skills against the background of growing a culture of service and good manners is the most important factor on the way to high-quality service. The key to success is the correct selection of staff at the initial stage of selection of candidates, as well as continuous training of staff in the skills of building proper communication.

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