The article covers the state and prospects of E-commerce development worldwide. The author provides some recommendations on how to improve the elements of E-commerce of a trade enterprise. E-commerce is a new and promising direction of development of domestic enterprises and must be considered in marketing strategies. The rapid development of E-commerce in various countries of the world is characterized by the rise in rates of the Internet penetration in all spheres of life, by growth of the market, by development of E-trade as one of the components of electronic commerce. The study focuses on electronic food trade. The products of "Typhoon 2000" company in both traditional and online retailers were selected as an object of the study. The author uses the assortment and prices of these products to assess competitiveness of online shopping, which allows to analyze and develop recommendations on improving the company’s web-site as an important tool of E-commerce. The proposed action is consistent with the requirements of B2C and C2C E-commerce. In order to develop C2C E-commerce, there was created The Typhoon 2000 Group in the social network "VKontakte". The study of the Group enabled to make a profile of the company’s customer. The results of the study prove feasibility and prospective viability of E-commerce as a strategic direction for the development of domestic enterprises.

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