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Belgorod State National Research University

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Founder of the Journal: Belgorod State National Research University (NIU "BelGU"). Address: 85 Pobedy street, Belgorod, 308015, Belgorod region

Publisher of the Journal: Belgorod State National Research University (NIU "BelGU").Address: 85 Pobedy street, Belgorod, 308015, Belgorod region

The international standard serial number of the journal is ISSN 2408-9346. Each journal publication is assigned a unique DOI (Digital Object Identifier). 

Mission of the Journal. The Journal "Research Result. Technology of Business and Service" positions itself as an open platform for all-Russian and international communication of scientists and practitioners in the field of business and service. The mission of the Journal is to provide broad access to the scientific, pedagogical community, and experts to the results of scientific research and best practices in business and service.

Main goal of the Journal. The main goal set by the Publishers is to promote free discussion and exchange of ideas of scientists and businessmen for their implementation in the activities of businesses, organizations and institutions working in the service industry.

Only original (previously unpublished) copyrighted materials should be published in the journal. 

Priority for the journal are articles based on the results of practical research in the field of business and service. The editorial Board also recognizes review articles on current scientific issues of tourism science and service science as important in methodological terms. Comparative research at both national and international levels is particularly valuable for the journal. The editorial Board welcomes articles made in international teams. 

Journal " Scientific result. Technologies of business and service " is a multimedia magazine, so the editorial Board especially welcomes the support of author's articles with video and audio materials of research, fragments of the author's speeches on the issues or topics of the article, presentations and photos. 


Tourism hospitalyty idustry in the context of constraints, caused by the COVID-19

Development of the tourism industry

Problems of efficiency and quality in service activities

Problems of personnel training in the service sector

Interdisciplinary research in the field of business


Branches of science and groups of specialties that the authors and the editorial Board of the journal focus on (in accordance with the Nomenclature of scientific specialties for which academic degrees are awarded in the Russian Federation): 

5.2.3. Regional and Sectoral Economics (economic sciences),
5.2.5. World Economy (Economic sciences),
5.2.6. Management (Economic sciences)


Journal " Scientific result. Russian Russian business and service technologies " is aimed at an international audience and publishes materials in Russian with an annotation in English, or in English (with an annotation in Russian). 

Editorial policy. Editorial policy of the Journal is based on the requirements of the Russian legislation to the media, copyright and related rights, as well as on the principles adopted by the Declaration of the Association of Scientific Editors and Publishers "Ethical Principles of Scientific Publications". The Journal adheres to the policy of open access and is distributed free of charge.

Distinctive features of the Journal. The features of the Journal “Research Result. Technologies of Business and Service” include:

- openness and wide availability of materials published in the Journal;

- the promptness of the publication of materials received by the Editorial Staff, resulting from the electronic preparation of materials;

- the interdisciplinary character of the problems discussed in the Journal, due to the complex extensive network of the service sector.

 1. When reviewing copyrighted materials that are re-submitted to the journal, the editorial Board is guided by the laws of the Russian Federation, the General principles of scientific ethics, and the statutory documents of NRU "BelSU". Rejection of materials on non-scientific grounds (worldview, religious-confessional or corporate-ideological) is excluded.
 2. Incoming materials are subject to mandatory peer review according to the rules of double-blind peer review. 
3. The group of reviewers of the journal includes scientists from various fields of service. For each article, the editorial Board selects reviewers who have research experience in the field of publication topics. Members of the editorial Board, which includes domestic and foreign scientists, can also act as reviewers.
 4. The editorial Board actively cooperates with the authors at all stages of receiving and preparing the material for printing: 
- the authors ' materials submitted to the journal are initially selected for compliance with the General topic, priority areas of science (groups of specialties), which are targeted by the authors and the editorial Board of the journal; 
- the author's materials that have passed the initial selection are checked by the Antiplagiat system (the share of the author's text must be at least 90% of the total volume of the material); 
- in case of passing the initial selection and with a positive result of the Antiplagiat system, the author's materials are sent for double-blind review; 
- the final decision on the publication or rejection of copyright materials submitted to the journal is made by the editorial Board in accordance with the established procedure; 
- when preparing the author's material for publication (placement on the magazine's website), possible changes made by the editorial Board to the received materials are agreed with the author.
 5. The editorial Board is not responsible for the accuracy of specific research data provided by the authors and the correctness of quoting documents, research and other literature presented in the author's materials.
 6. In case of violation of scientific ethics by the authors, the article may be retracted.
7. The journal adheres to the open access policy.
 8. Author's materials are published on the magazine's website and distributed free of charge.

Periodicityof the Journal: 4 times a year, once a quarter (March, June, September, and December).

Work with copyrighted material. Materials sent to the Journal:

- pass a primary selection in accordance with the subject of the Journal;

- are checked in the Antiplagiat System (the share of the author's text should be at least 85%);

- are subject to double blind peer review.

The editors reserve the right to make changes in the received materials, reduce the content, edit the text, reject thematically inappropriate or not properly designed manuscripts, while observing the rules of editorial ethics.

The author, sending an article to the Editorial Staff, expresses his/ her consent to its publication in the Journal "Scientific Result. Technology Business and Service" and the transfer of the text of the article to third parties (reviewers).

If the article is recommended for publication, the author signs a license agreement with the Journal.

With the support of the Journal, conferences, symposiums, forums are held, research teams are formed, international projects and researches are carried out.

The journal is included in the list of peer-reviewed scientific publications recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission (as of  11.28.2022 № 1709).

The online Journal is included in the scientific base of the Russian index of science citation (RISC) (License Agreement № 765-12/2014 of December 8, 2014).


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