DOI: DOI:10.18413/2408-9346-2020-6-1-0-2

Trends in the development of the tourism and hospitality industry through the prism of the digital economy

The article discusses the development trends of the tourism and hospitality industry through the prism of the digital economy.  It is noted that digital technologies are changing the landscape of the industry, and global digitalization dictates the need to adapt all business processes and adapt to it. In 2019 the volume of online sales of tourism services exceeded 1 trillion rubles. At the same time, it is noted that there is not only the flow of buyers from offline, but also the consumption of tourist services is growing Given that already 74% of travelers in the world are planning their trip online, we can say that the tourism and hospitality industry in the mainstream digital economy.  Today, artificial intelligence has a significant impact on the industry, and this influence will only increase. It’s becoming a common practice for large companies to work with Big Data technology, this allows for more accurate customer segmentation, find ways to improve the level of service at different stages of interaction with tourists, and direct investments in critical areas. Also, the use of blockchain technology, with which you can keep baggage records, check in passengers, issue travel tickets, and take into account issued visas, will improve the conditions for planning and implementing travel. And this is not only an approach to the safe storage of information, technological solutions for tourists and for the entire tourism business much more. The task of the tourist industry in the emerging environment of the digital society remains the prompt provision of high-quality, efficient services and the most customized process of interaction with travelers.

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