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The last two years saw some considerable structural shifts in the tourist market towards the growth of internal tourism. At the same time, this kind of tourism is now rather actively developing and is being comprehensively supported by the state. According to the Federal Target Program «The Development of Internal and Entrance Tourism in the Russian Federation for 2011-2018», within 8 years about 100 billion rubles will be assigned for the development of tourist infrastructure, the increase of efficiency of promotion of the national tourist’s product, and competitiveness of the domestic tourist market in Russia. A strong emphasis to the domestic tourist market is noted in all regions of our country. The article covers gastronomic tourism as one of popular types of tourism. The authors study the possibilities of its development on the territory of Belgorod region. The article provides a brief characteristic of regional businesses of the food industry – the famous brands producers, now actively offering excursion programs of a gastronomic orientation. Besides, the article describes some gastronomic festival activities in Belgorod region which can become «locomotives» and some kind of attractions in the development of gastronomic tourism. However, it is noted that this type of tourism in our region, as well as in the country in general, is developing spontaneously. Today, these products are isolated, therefore it is very important «to assemble» them into a quality gastronomic tourist's product which may be convenient, safe, and interesting to the target audience. The important part in this process is assigned to regional tour operators who are the backbone participants of the tourist market. The quality of the tourist's product will depend on efficiency of their work and adjustment of a reliable, consecutive and clear scheme of communication with target audiences. The food tours information availability will promote attractiveness of not only businesses and gastronomic activities, but also of the territory as a tourist destination in general

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