DOI: DOI: 10.18413/2408-9346-2021-7-3-0-1

Tourism in the era of social media: picture or reality?

The development of social networks and universal digitalization have led to widespread changes in society and in all spheres of activity, including tourism. The growing popularity of information platforms containing content created by travelers has determined the vector of scientific research towards the dominant role of social networks at the stage of the travel planning process. The increased impact of social networks as the main source of tourist information determines the tourist location, place and type of residence. As a rule, the choice of potential tourists is determined by interesting stories, colorful landscapes, reviews, formed public opinion and other content broadcast on the network by users. The article defines the role of social networks (travel blogs, forums) in modern society. It is shown that social networks have replaced travel agents, GPS-numerous maps and guidebooks, and the Instagram feed – a photo album. The authors conclude that modern travel has completely moved to the digital environment and now it is almost impossible to imagine a trip without posts on social networks and an endless stream of recommendations in the comments. The article pays special attention to the role of Instagram in the modern development of tourism, including negative aspects that have a disastrous impact on the industry.

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