DOI: 10.18413/2408-9346-2022-8-4-0-2

The problem of overtourism: the search for solutions

The intensification of mass tourism has led to the inability of state institutions to manage large tourist flows, the inability to track the directions of the tourist flow, as a result of which, some tourist destinations are experiencing a huge influx of tourists, while others, on the contrary, cannot realize their tourist potential. Adhering to the hypothesis that excessive tourism occurs in mass tourist destinations, the article analyzes statistical data reflecting popular tourist regions and countries of the world, on the territory of which the main tourist flow is directed. Taking into account that stimulating the creation of new tourist destinations, routes, attractions is one of the strategies and measures noted by UNWTO experts to solve the problem of increasing the number of tourists, the scientific article considers new tourism directions that arise as a response to mass tourism and, as a consequence, excessive tourism. The study presents a new type of tourism – underground tourism, its classification is given. In the course of the study, it was concluded that the formation of qualitatively new underground destinations, objects for tourists to visit, as well as effective marketing strategies of new tourist destinations will allow to redistribute the tourist flow and minimize the level of load on tourist destinations suffering from a large volume of tourists.

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